Monday, October 10, 2005

Ramadhan '05

I feel that its been so long since i've last written. I hope that i do get to satisfy my fellow blog readers.

This is my ferst Ramadhan (7/8 of it) being spent away from home. It feels so strange not to be home to break fast with your family and sahur with them. I suspect im going to be homesick for quite some time (even though i've made my way back to singapore almost every other week the whole of this semester).

Some people have been scarce in my life lately...very scarce. Geez i dun even noe why i bother sometimes.

One down, another assignment and presentation to go through. And this saturday (or sunday) im going to have to sit for my very ferst exam! Aaaaaaccckkkkk! I'm so stressed right now. I can't even think straight. I even had a hard time falling asleep on the bus last night. Which is VERY RARE. I'd normally take less than 10 min to fall asleep on that uncomfortable chair. Felt so tired today...(walaupun tak berpuasa khekhekehkehkeh)

Weather was unbearably HOT! And i had to make my way down to the nearest money changer (cos mother dearest didnt change the money for me like she usually does, and by the time i left the house, all the money changers were closed!) which is abt 20mins away by bus. And i had to walk for abt 5 mins in the scorching hot sun in my black outfit. Yes, smart rite? *smacks head* should have grabbed something else out of my cupboard.

Spent the whole of saturday doing my phonetics assignment all the way till sahur (not a wink of sleep!) and then i find out that almost all the computers here on campus are not "phonetically friendly". All my IPA symbols got wiped out when i transferred them to another computer! Arrrgghhhh! It sent me into a little tizzy late this afternoon. Had to run back and forth from one lab to another, while i was supposed to be in a class.

Finally solved it by editing all my hard work on my roomie's laptop and printing it direct from there. Once it was printed, i realised something...I FORGOT TO EDIT THE SYMBOLS ON THE COVER PAGE! So now they're all the wingding, and dingbats and watnot forms...uuurggghhhhh! Tulah pandai sangat kan!

I had better start my revision this week. By hook or by crook!

And i just realised that i have only 2 days to go to Geylang once i get back from KL!!! And i havent bought shoes OR a bag to match my outfits! Aaaaccckk!!! Disaster...

Tak sabar lah nak Rayaaaaa! Cepat lah sket! Hehehehehe....

Which reminds me, i'd better go book my tix for Raya...nanti habes menangis lah aku plak...

Oklah...nothing much more for me to write...although i do noe that there are probably lots more in my brain...just can't seem to get it out now...

Well when i do have the time then i will InsyaAllah write. Till then, assalamualaikum.

To my peeps: Zak, shereen, azimah (happy studying and all the best for your remaining tests! wish me luck!)

To shahidah: lady where are u? havent seen you online in quite a long while!

To some new peeps i've made in the blogging scene: Kak Crab and Crab Junior (thanks for dropping by! will add both of u to my blog roll soon!) and to Kak Rouge(hang in there, takmo sedih2 when hubby isn't around k? smile always!)

To Linda NJ: Miss pls hor, Come down to KL in december! Slmt mugging tuk tests and etc etc...

To the rest: Happy Fasting! Drink lots of water and remember to get your Ramadhan's worth cos you might not noe when your last one will be. May Allah S.W.T. guide us all and keep us safe! Ramadhan Mubarak once again!

I hope i've covered all the bases, if i haven't, sorry!

Till the next post.