Thursday, June 19, 2008

25 Years In The Making


Happy Birthday my dearest Shasha!

Seeing US brighten YOU up for a change was definitely refreshing!

I am so honoured that I was the one that was in-charge of bringing the balloon to u!

Ahakz, even though it was put in a plastic bag.

-besties; Suli & Shasha @ MUIS canteen-

*and just to let you know, I am NOT a big fan of balloons*

Thank you for always being OUR sunshine.

-Seri i MUST commend you on picking up the most scrumptious tasting Choc Cake!-

I am forever grateful to you for accompanying me to THAT McD's in Jurong once upon a time.

And for consoling me all the way from KL to Singapore.

Only GREAT friends do that.

And YOU certainly did that.

Love you Shasha!