Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Birthdays!

Today, the D Family celebrated the 1st anniversary of their daughter's birth, Farah Diana.

Her actual birthday falls on the 18th of June but celebrations only commenced today.

Seems like there are SOOOOOOOOO many June babies!

Baby Farouq will also be celebrating his birthday in 2 days time!

*Both Farouq and Farah look soooooo adorable!*

They were both soooo bitable!

There was plenty of food, plenty of good company and lots of laughter!

I'll just let the rest of the pics do the talking.

-macam ramai gitu anak Kak D haha!-

-someone's smelly socks-

More pics here

Rugi orang² yg tak ikot, i hope u feel better Suli!

And Seri, so sad that you couldn't make it.

InsyaAllah I'll meet you guys at the 1st Inaugural ASSIIUM Family Day at Pasir Ris next week!