Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Bali Pics

-im leaving on a jet plane-

-view from the arrowbridge-

-Starbucks at Soekarno Hatta Airport-

-sunset at Uluwatu-

-breathtaking views-

-crashing waves-

-by far my best shot with the Sony Cybershot phone-

-it was only 8.30am but the sun was scorching like it was 11am!-

-our hotel lobby comes with a stage for traditional cultural performances-

-up close-

-the private beach just outside our hotel premises-

I'll regale you with MORE tales from Bali when time permits.

Currently swamped cos I signed myself up *gulp* to join the 2nd Div Floorball League.

Under the tutelage of Mr. A*mir from Skools Floorball *double gulp*

(i have no idea why i signed up for this torture!)