Sunday, June 01, 2008

Did You Hear?

She is considering coming to Singapore to do her Masters.

I am crossing my fingers, toes, tongue, eyes and whatever else that can be crossed on my anatomy that she applies to NTU.

But my dear, are you considering doing a thesis based Master's?

Cos i noe that NTU English Lit. programmes are theses based.

Haven't seen a course based programme.

But whatever it is...

Get your butt down here!

*my excitement is getting ahead of me!*

Oh! And if you can get Prof. Q to write a testimonial for you, you've got a HIGHER chance of getting in...he used to teach there.


Neway, I haven't PACKED!

How much clothes do i need to pack for a 5 day trip to Bali???

Anyone have a CLUE!?

I need help!

begin pukefest
P/S: I'm sorry Dear that I brought that thing up. I knew you were not going to be happy, but i just HAD to open my mouth.

I'm really sorry.

Pls don't be angry? Besides, its not even written in stone yet.

I love you.

You know I do.

end pukefest