Friday, November 26, 2004

Date Due: 28th November 2004

There are exactly 2 more days until the expiry date...and then its back to campus...what a drag...i have so many things to do...and i still havent got packing...and i have a course to go to this weekend...which ends at 6pm on both days...

Lemme gripe...its my license to since its MY blog...No Singapore Idol finale for me...not catching up with my gal pal who's jetting off to India early next month...why is this all happening at the beginning of my semester???

I was just getting into the swing of Raya! Not fair!

I have certain commitments i've made that i'd not like to go to...but it wouldnt be nice if i don't go...but if i go i'll be so out of place...what a bummer...See its hard being me...

I'm starting to miss everyone already...dammit...can i pretend none of this is happening and not go back to campus??? I don't think so...

But on a brighter note: I passed my EXAMS! Yipeee!!!! *doing imaginary cartwheels in my mind*

Here's a note to all my friends:

Zak>> I lurve your diamond ring! Its fab! Lucky you!

Azimah>> Congrats! Hope you guys are gonna be happy...i doakan utk kebahagiaan korang...Amin

Marliana & Shereen>> Au revoir and Bon Voyage to the both of you...may you both reach your destinations safely

Huda>>I wish you all the best with him...hope the fireworks last a long time! Hehehe

Momma>> I hope you find out who the mystery person is

Kak Norah>> Thanks for all the well wishes

Su>> Thanks for cmg to my house the other day and letting me go over to your house

Kak Doink>> Thanks for inviting us over to your house the other day...i truly enjoyed the makan!

To all others that i have missed out...sorry and i wish you all the best in the cmg year...thanks for being my friend and readg my blog...Enjoy your holidays guys...(while i slave away in school)

Fading into oblivion