Saturday, April 23, 2005

My Holiday By Maryam aka Mary/Rya

Ok ok i noe the title is a tad bit childish but isn't that what all teachers ask their students at the end of their vacations? Heheh...well sum up my holiday, i would rate it an 8 out of ten!

8 because my bdae fell on the 8th of April and i had a wonderful bdae by the beach...thanks to all the pple responsible towards making my 21st bdae one tht i shall remember for life...My parents of course, Maklong, my grandparents, my family, frens (Shereen, Azimah, Zakiah,Kho, Ais, Zaleha, Najib, Huzei and Su plus many others)

Thanks for all the lovely pressies and the wonderful day tht I enjoyed with you u byk-byk!

Other than tht, i managed to catch up on some reading...books courtesy of my fren Taufiq (Chua not Batisah okay) and my sister...and i finally managed to re-read The DaVinci Code... and i loved the fact i didnt have to analyse one single bit! I am looking forward to borrowing Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series frm Sue!

My holiday failed to get a perfect score reason being:
1)almost all my friends are working
2) shereen sitting for exams
3) and i was ultimately broke
But all's good...

Okaylah pple gue mau tido...i have an extremely long day tomorrow which begins at daybreak...wish me luck for the new semester...i'll miss all of you...friends both Old and New...thanks for being there for me...muackz...

A special shout out to the AISS peeps...oits! ingat 7th may eh! kiter gi bowling! yeay! syg korang semua...kalau bleh dpt hazizul call dier suruh dier turun...he's cmg back frm taiwan on monday tak salah...and chase after the peeps that havent' cfm! All the best shereen for the rest of ur papers!

Maryam syg korang semua...(ter-feeling Dayang lah pulaaaaaak)

On a serious note: Kak D nyer adek Abdullah (affectionately known as Dollah) is in critical condition after a bike accident...pls pray for him.Doakan supaya Allah panjangkan umurnya and if it is his time to go, take him away with little pain...Amin

...Fading Into Oblivion...