Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cooking Expedition

I am currently mother-less.

Only for a week because she has to escort a small grp of kids from her school for an IT Camp in Subang Jaya

So it is MY responsibility to cook the meals for my family (plus do the heaps and mounds of laundry and other housework) on top of having to go to school.


The cooking i don't mind.

But laundry for 5 people is really not my thing.

And my dad told me that i should try and expand my cooking repertoire as my mom has reminded that WE should not be eating out so often since she's away for the moment.

So today i tried cooking something OUTSIDE my comfort zone.

No sphagetti bolognaise, no lasagne, no nasi goreng *i hear u sniggering Kha!*

So i tried making fried mee siam.

You must be clenching your stomach, laughing so hard to see that i can't cook such a simple dish.

I just don't do well with food that has a myriad of spices and tastes.

Asian cooking -minus chinese food that is- is REALLY challenging.

I took a while to master sambal tumis.

I CAN cook mee hongkong and laksa goreng.

But really, mee siam goreng is quite a feat.

So i succeeded to make the dish with minimal effort and a very good recipe i knicked off the net.

Not too shabby i must say.

No complaints from both my brothers so that's well done.


So what's next?

I guess its nasi lemak tomorrow.

Now i seriously need a nap!

I've been up since 6am (on a Sunday!) to send my mom off at the airport!!

My eyes are soo heavy.