Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An Ode to YOU.

You; who thinks you are so righteous.

You; who thinks that everything you say or do is right.

You; who thinks that it is alright to just say anything.

You; who does not THINK before she speaks.

For all the things you've said, have you ever considered that you hurt so many people?

"I think I have every right to comment since its f*acebook" you say.

So why do you take offence at what other pple say to you?

You speak your mind about others, well i'll say what other pple *myself included* say about you.

It is my personal, VIRTUAL, space after all.

And hey, you said its ok.

10 Things pple HATE -yes hate- about you:

1)you are CALLOUS.

2)you are NOT tactful. *at all!*

3) you are abrasive.

4) therefore you rub a lot of pple the wrong way.

5) you pretend like you're a matyr

6) your words are the COMPLETE opposite of how you portray yourself.

7) YOU have NO compassion towards others.

8)you apologise but then repeat the mistake almost IMMEDIATELY.

9) you moan and groan about yourself and expect pple to PITY you.

10) and we suspect that you begrudge other pple for no obvious reason.

Try mirroring your words to yourself.

Sound out the words before you even type them.

Think how that person would feel even if YOU think your comment is harmless.

And about that "you look like Chucky's bride...the muslim version"

hey, thats ok.

I was dressing up for Halloween.

Maybe next year i'll be Jason.

*so i'll get to SAW your head off*

Hey you should have seen this coming for miles.

Bring it on.

p/s: to think that you even work in the social services line. i'm surprised that you don't have people skills at all. is it any wonder why so many people did not agree with you when you held leadership posts? think about it.


p/p/s: I think i've watched an episode too many of G*ossip G*irl