Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Have a BLOODY good time!

Ok all good citizens.

Do your part and show YOUR support at the FIRST-EVER blogger blood donation drive in Singapore!

I am a regular blood donor and there's really nothing to it!

You just lie there and let the good nurses take care of you! :)


- you get free food after you donate your blood!-

And there are so many other freebies

(that i DON'T normally get on a normal blood donation drive)

Like: a LIMITED EDITION t-shirt!


a CERTIFICATE of participation.

Now how COOL is that?

Take it from me, its the easiest way to do a good deed.

*blood you donate could easily help THREE people!*

I'm going.

Are you?

See you there!!!

For more info: go to this microsite and to find out if you're my TYPE, go here!