Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Crush Alert

Maybe! This guy may have a crush on you; its hard
to tell though. One minute it really seems like
he does and the next its a whole different
story. If you have a crush on him, why dont you
try talking to him and getting to know him
better if all goes well you two will form a
friendship, and who knows where things could go
from there!?! If you are already friends with
the guy you should tell him how you feel,
however before you do that you need to decide
whats more important to you, a friendship with
this guy or a relationship. Sometimes when you
take a friendship to the next level things
between you two are never the same again, but
if you have one of those friendships that
survive though anything then go for it!

Does He Like You?
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Ahakz...this guy is playing the merry-go-round with me...

Lunch Update

Wore pink to class today...very striking pink with a matching striking new pink scarf...Su has seen it...kehkehkeh...everybody's jaw dropped when they saw me in pink...[heard]:alahai ayu nyer kau niari...teserlah kepompuanan kau niari [end]...i think i made an impression...i guess to the right people...;)...i saw him...-sighs dreamily AGAIN-...he tried hard not to look...i think...maybe wishful thinking...i think im going crazy...i need therapy...HELP...

fyi peeps: this is a true blue certified nice guy AND he's NOT from's the only clue i can afford to give you...till next time...

counting the moments till i see him again...