Thursday, December 04, 2008

And YOUR plans for the weekend are?

Its been a really bz week.

I spent the whole day out with my parents, youngest brother and two male cousins yesterday at W*ild W*ild W*et.

Needless to say i'm knackered.

And NO i did not swim because the RED flag is up.

BUT i did catch some cute looking lifeguards!


Hahaha...i am such a shameless hussy.

And no there are no photos.

Are u kidding me? Singapore is too small. haha.

Im NOT going to risk it.

After the wet afternoon, we headed over to my aunt's place (the 2 cousins house) so that rest of them could perform their prayers.

Later after maghrib, we went BOWLING!

Did i mention i went bowling last week and the week before that?

At least i can say now that i don't suck as much.

So what else will i be doing for the weekend?

I'm going to BALIK KAMPUNG!

This time with my whole family and my Maklong and her husband.

Hopefully my two youngest cousins will be joining us.

We are gg to slaughter a cow in the backyard.

Now THAT should be REAALLLY interesting.

I'll be leaving tomorrow night.

All the way till tuesday.

And then i will immediately start packing for Bali!


Eight more days!

Can't wait to go with you girls!