Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bali - Day One

I think i put off writing about my trip with the girls long enough.

I think there are many who are anxiously awaiting.

And tonight i've finally decided to blog.

Breaking the silence finally.

*ok more of recovering from the exhaustion hehe*

We departed frm Singapore at 7.20am.

I had to wake up at

That in itself was a miracle.

Seri's mom sent us off at the airport.

It was nice to have at least one parent around. It felt really good!

We checked in our bags and salam-ed Seri's mom and waved goodbye and started our adventure.

When we made our way into the transit area, Shasha kept asking:

"Eh korang, betul eh kiter nak gi Bali!?"

Yeah, we were excited.

Even myself!

When we stepped into the plane, we were like, "this is it! we're heading to Bali together!"

It was awesome.

Taking off in the singapore sunrise made it even MORE beautiful!

About 2.5hours later, we landed safely in Ngurah Rai welcomed by a slightly overcast sky and a little showering rain.

But nevertheless, it was still perfect! :D

We were greeted by our guide Rudy and made our way to Grand Istana Rama, Kuta, Bali.

On the way there we did a little chatting and made plans for the afternoon to head over to Uluwatu for a little culture.

Upon reaching the hotel, the rooms weren't ready yet so we took off on foot to explore the area.

I thought we were extremely adventurous for 4 young ladies exploring new territory.

Haha, i felt so grown-up!

We happened to stumble upon this little alley with LOTS of goodies.

There were sunglasses, hats, shirts, dresses, maxi dresses, accessories, name it!

I was EXHAUSTED just looking at all the gorgeous things on display!

I felt like buying them all but held back knowing it was ONLY the first day.

I only wanted to get a pair of shades, which i did eventually after a whole load of searching.

But i finally succumbed and bought a pair of leather sandals too hehe.

It was around 11-12pm and i think and we were there for a good 1.5hours.

In the SWELTERING heat and humidity (thanks to the showers earlier on)

We talked a bit to one of the shopkeepers, who happens to be muslim, md harris is his name, and directed us to the nearest McDonalds which was CERTIFIED halal.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel and checked in and rested a while before heading out again at 4pm to Uluwatu.

The fun began here.

Hehe...the kechak was beautiful!

*there were also CUTE guys around!*

I loved the way they used their voices throughout the WHOLE 1 hr show!

And how they used the chorus to re-create scenes from the Ramayana.

Quite like the Greek chorus *and so was the setting!*

It was beautiful.

The first time i was in Uluwatu, it was sooo breathtaking.

It still WAS for the 2nd time round!

I loved it so much!

After the show, we got to take pictures with the cast, and suffice to say, Suli had an admirer!

Hhhahahahahahahahah ROFL!

It was hilarious!

I wish i could put up pictures but i'll let the lady of the hour do the honours.

We then made our way for dinner at Rumah Makan Minang Sederhana.

The Kalamansi juice was POWEEERRRRRRful i tell u.

So refreshing.

And of course i had the Teh Botol as well.

No trip to indonesia is complete without Teh Botol!

We then made our way back to the hotel but requested to stop at Kuta Centre to shop at the Matahari departmental store.

Of course, we shopped AGAIN!
This time for souvenirs for friends and families.
Yes families.
Not just one family but MORE than one hehe.
We shopped right up till closing time and then left to window shop at B*illabong, R*OXY and many more shops.
I think we finally reached the hotel at 11pm.
By then we were TOO tired but still!
we managed to slot in PICTIONARY!
It was soooooooooo much fun!

And hilarious!
Trying to guess the words from the pictures was the BESTest part. We were rolling with laughter!

The player of the night definitely had to be Seri.
And the word of the night was: courgette *bleargh!* i had a hard time explaining that one.
She's really good at the game.

Next time we partner up again k Seri *winks*

Finally after an exhaustive day, we called it a night while MORE adventures awaited us the next day :))