Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I think the year sped by a little too fast.

Too fast for my liking.

But then again it cant all be for my liking right?

I've done a couple of new things this year.

1) Like getting a job.

2) Switching into my preferred profession.

3) Ushered in 2008 by pulling an all-nighter at Tampines West CC.

-i guess that explains why im at home this year. and no i have NO desire to repeat it again this year-

4) i learned how to scuba! DEFINITELY one of the highlights of 2008.

5) i learned to appreciate my friendships even more! Thank you my AI girlies, my Chantiques and the group of Seniors. I love u and heart you so much.

6) i learnt to love and let go.

And last of all, i learnt that i didnt really achieve all my resolutions for 2008.

So come 2009 (in abt 2hrs) i will NOT set any resolutions for myself.

I'll just take it as it comes or make it up as i go along.

Whatever i feel like doing.

No pressure.

2009 is going to mark a major milestone for me i think.

I'll be a quarter of a century come APRIL...APRIL ok! *sweats anxiously*

Im NOT ready.

Im just NOT ready.

And Zak is going to tie the knot next December!


I'm not ready to handle 2009.

At all.

Not like how i embraced 2008.

With so much zest and optimism.

Cos somewhere in my heart of hearts...

I feel hopelessness just settling in.

And making herself comfortable.

Oh well.

Lets see how things shape up.