Monday, January 05, 2009

And so it has begun...

I probably shouldn't mention this but i feel like being a little bit of a bimbo tonight.

I saw some cute guys today!

Operative word SAW!

No im not THAT bold ok. I am very shy.


Actually i only saw A cute guy

-not even SOME lah. just ONE haha-

Nothing else happened except that i got a private tour to RSIS at N*TU by Kak Faeza and the HSS library.

And i really must thank Kak Faeza because it was so WONDERFUL to see a familiar face at N*tu.

Did i mention that there is something rather clinical about the buildings there?

It feels rather dreary and i really miss being able to walk frm one faculty to another cos N*tu is HEYUGE!

And thats only N*tu not N*ie.

Earlier today *at freakin' 8.30am!* i was at N*tu for my briefings.

Yeahlah. I have to leave the house at 6.30am if not i'll be late!

And have i mentioned how much i DETEST travelling to school.

Morning journey on the train is not very desirable.

And i cant sleep.

Even if i get a seat on the train.


I meant to mention that as my first act as a student again, i borrowed books from the HSS library.

I HAD to cos i have an exemption test to sit for this wednesday at 10am. Must study so that i will NOT have to take some modules.


so i had to look for the "introduction to language" text again to REFRESH my memory.

Hey its been wat?

5 years since i last SAW that book.

Tomorrow is a new day.

And i can't wait to get this week over with already.

i LOOOOVVVEEEE school though.

I think i might have looked so well adjusted that even someone came up to me to ask me whether school had just started.

Tomorrow will be a LOOONG day.

Gd night.


p/s: they are SO selekeh in their dressing. u*ia was a fashion parade EVERYDAY. oh God i miss that place so much my heart ached with so much longing today!