Friday, January 16, 2009


Anyone who's known me for quite some time knows that im not big on volunteering UNLESS necessary.

And i unwittingly volunteered to become the peer facilitator for G*esl.


Gawd i feel like an arse now for doing it.

i have to be at the venue at 9am on a SATURDAY!!!


No sleeping in tomorrow.

Boohoo...(and i arrived home at 9.30pm today - thanks to G*esl of course)

What is G*esl?

Its an acronym for s/ervice l/earning something like voluntary work and CIP.

I guess it was a blessing in disguise having Leadership & Management as well as being in the ASSIIUM exco.

I hope i can contribute something worthy and make FULL use of this time in this module (that i really don't have a choice in)

Wish me luck.

Thank God that Almie will be there.


Azimah, thanks hor! I owe u many-many hehe.

But honestly i've GOT to find some new friends cos -no offence Almie- u're kinda cramping my style *me being single and all* haha.