Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Status: Confused.

Oh no.

Not in terms of sexuality.

I'm straight.

Through and through.


I'm more confused about wat Dr. F. said.

...dan Mary di Spore, juga sedang glamour.Tak lama nak kawin kan?...

sejak biler aku nak kawen?

Does she noe something i dont?


Tp baguslah, ader org sentiasa doakan.

Amiin insyaAllah Dr. F dgn berkat doa Dr.

Today was a good day.

I arrived in sch a good half and hr before it started.

Managed to excuse myself for zuhr too before class started.

Alhamdullillah i've got a nice lecturer.

Sometimes im finding it a little hard to merge my secular and religious identities.

I feel...

CONFUSED at times.

I guess its a good learning experience for me.

I miss the blue tiled roofs.

And the people under the blue tiled roofs.

And i miss my AI girlies!

And i miss Huda cos i havent seen her in the LONGEST time.

Omg im such a terrible friend.