Wednesday, January 07, 2009



I'm not bidding adieu to my blogging activities.

Just kissing farewell to my social life.

Or like Nora says: (which really is more exciting and sexy haha!)

No more making love to my social life.

This has only been DAY 3 of orientation week and we already have deadlines for assignments.

Yes you read me right.


Even before the classes begin.

-some classes begin 2nd March!-

Oh and the boys there.

I can possibly safely say that there are plenty to look at.

Just to ogle at.

BUT nothing more cos most of them are attached.


*there goes one of the resolutions out the window*

but seriously, is there really a need for some girls to stake claim of the guy right in front of my eyes.

She took one look at me and then suddenly went all over her boyfriend.

*like what the hell!?*

i merely glanced in their direction cos i saw my HOD of English frm Y*jc in campus.

i was completely annoyed by her behaviour.

grow up lah.

why so insecure anyway?

ok enough of the griping.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow by the way.

Cos there's a lot of running around.

Running around without my floorball stick is EXTREMELY rare these days.


I should rephrase that.


So what else happened today besides that rude and unwelcome act i saw at the canteen today.

My English exemption test.


It was horrifying and mortifying.

And i am the english major.

can you imagine the horrfied faces face that i encountered courtesy of the friendly volunteer on my right a.k.a Almie a.k.a. Azimah's boyfriend.

He's an engineering grad so u can imagine his horror.

Questions about noun and verb phrases and adverbial clauses came out. AND more.

And mind u its only 25 MCQ!!!

I could literally hear the sweat trickling in the lecture theatre.


Almie lost it when i started to draw the phrase structure trees.


Thats when he decided to throw in the towel and leave the lecture theatre early.

I had a tough time too.

Granted not as tough as it was for him but I still broke into a sweat.

Im not exactly a grammar freak as much as i enjoy correcting people.

So im just hoping for the best.

If not i'll have to resit for the grammar test on the 5th of March.

And the degree would have been in vain.


Im not keeping my hopes up thats for sure.

Even the course coordinator mentioned that only 2% of the previous cohort were exempted.


That's done and out of the way.


What the hell am i going to wear tomorrow!?


p/s: anyone remember Ms W*ong the music teacher we had back in sec 1 and 2? She was spotted at campus today! *i had vivid flashbacks of the music lessons some 11 years ago! the horror!