Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Common Bond Of Friendship

Until recently, I turned a deaf ear but i see that there is no end to it.

So i need to say my peace here.

I REALLLLLY hope some of the juniors read this and even if they don't i'll post something up on ASSIIUM's yahoo grp.

But i just want to post this question to the seniors in ASSIIUM now.

Why the divisive-ness?

Why is there a need to segregate yourselves among the new and the old?

Is it something novel and that you're trying to send out some message to the newer ones?

These are just some of the questions that got me pondering.

I mean, for every action there is a reaction isn't it?

So why this action to divide yourselves?

What kind of reaction were you thinking of when you decided on this course of action?

One of the main aims of ASSIIUM was to create a shelter, a home away from home, a welfare agency if you must to take care of the needs of the Singaporean students.

But recently, there has been nothing of that sort.


Falling attendance rates at ASSIIUM programs.

A division between the EXCO and the members.

Now, all these are possibly assumptions but when it concurs with several different individuals, i think the evidence speaks for itself.

To the EXCO:

I am NOT telling you how to RUN the show.

I am telling you like it is.

This is what OTHER seniors have been hearing.

You need to get back in control!

Where is the Ukhuwwah that my seniors have tried to set as an example?

Where is the unity?

It does not show.

AT all.

I'm sorry but that's the ugly truth.

The sole reason we hold elections for EXCO posts is because we want the members to be free to choose their leaders.

Therefore, it is the EXCO's job to SERVE the ASSIIUM community and not the other way around!!!

They are the ones that got u there.

Serve them.

Not forgetting Listening!!!

Their needs.

Even if they THINK they don't need certain things.

Tht is the job of leaders.

To be forward in thought and to pre-empt any sort of problems and so forth.

YOU as the EXCO need to gain the trust of the community.

As for the newbies, the job does not JUST lie on the EXCO.

Show some respect will you?

And do more listening for God's sake.

They are doing things for YOUR own good.

EVEN if you think you DON'T need it.

I'm sick and tired of listening to all the bullshit and crap that has been going on all this while.

I hate to say it but the golden era of ASSIIUM is LOST.

Until you STOP your pettiness, you will NEVER enjoy your stay at I*IUM

After all, aren't your undergrad years meant to be the BEST times in your life

*it at least warrants a top 5!*

So how is it that your seniors (of all different batches and educational backgrounds) are ABLE to get together and be civil, not to mention downright friendly.

And the rest of you lot are just keeping in your own cliques.

Start LIVING outside your comfort zone pple!

The working world is gg to be MORE cruel and less sheltered than this!!!