Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Soooo Proud!

I'm chuffed to say that im friends with my friend Ms. Nore.

Not only is she an amazing friend, *who undoubtedly saw me through my breakup phase - it was so ugly im lucky i didn't get thrown out of her room*

But she's an amazing student as well.

As her friend, i never failed to give her a lot of encouragement especially since she devotes a LOT of time studying.

More than I did at least.

And so this blog entry is just to say:


Congratulations on your success!

For being one of the TOP 5 BENL students!!!

(she's No. 2 to be exact!)

I'm so excited and ecstatic at the same time!

So when i go KL i wait for u to open table big-big hor, ok?


Love you and may success always follow in your footsteps!