Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Its only the 1st day of class and i've already made many blunders

I brought the WRONG textbook to class.

I got LOST looking for my classroom (when i already looked at the map to ENSURE i knew exactly where i was supposed to be!)

I turned up a little late (2-3mins late for class)

-latecoming is VERY unbecoming of a teacher-

I had only realised that i brought the wrong text to class in the train ride to school.

I brought the yellow textbook instead of the blue one required for class today.

So, not wanting to make a bad impression of myself, i had planned to go to the library to go and get myself a textbook at the photocopy shop.

Alas, they had run out of copies (oh just as well, i already had the copy - im such a goody2 i know)

So because of my detour, i ended up being late for class thanks to my excellent mapreading skills.


So sian lah.

And to think that i arrived in school 15mins BEFORE class started.

What a way to start the semester.

Feel like a complete idiot.

Oh well, i can acquaint myself with the 2001 EL syllabus to cheer me up (NOT!)

Resolution for tomorrow:

Be a half an hour EARLY for class!!!!!!