Thursday, December 11, 2008

Uber Tired.

I arrived home around 9 last night.

It was a WONDERFUL journey home without the boys.

Just my sister and myself plus the parental units.

I really enjoyed my weekend at my kampung.

It was different and quite hectic.

Just looking at my grandparents pottering whizzing around doing their chores is enough to knock the wind right out of me.

Plus, it was a Raya weekend so things got busy the MOMENT i stepped into the compound.

I swept the dead and dried leaves frm the backyard.

Hung out the clothes to dry.

Learnt how to make LEMANG!

There were sooo many things to do.

Plus there was the cow to sacrifice on Eid'ulAdha itself.

3 dishes materialized after the sacrifice.

Daging masak lemak, sup daging AND daging masak kicap.

I think i overdosed on red meat that day itself.

Thankfully there was NO cooking involved the next day.

Lunch was sponsored by my Uncle George and my Maklong at Pizza Hut *thank you!*

And we also went to our tailor in Seremban to make our baju raya for NEXT raya.

I know its a little early but really, its the best way to beat the crowds and you wont get shoddy work.

I just finished doing the laundry from our trip back to the kampung and NOW i have to pack again.

I feel like im living out of a suitcase these days.

I have a mental checklist right now.

But i havent gotten down to packing yet.

I havent even decided WHAT luggage i'm gg to bring.

Ooooh, i just checked the payslip and alhamdullillah a healthy bonus!

Will be able to set aside some xtra savings!

*Plus satisfy my shopping craving*