Thursday, April 30, 2009

Because Sharing is Caring.

A few months ago, S*eri put up a blogpost about some teaching strategies.

And it occurred to me that i don't just have N*IE friends but also friends that are teaching but in different fields as well.

So i think its best that i use this platform for sharing.

I think my B*ENL friends that are teaching will hopefully find it useful InsyaAllah.

So in the past 4 months in N*IE what have I learnt?

I've learnt that in teaching, its not just a job.

It has to become an all consuming passion to help and educate students.

And you have to cater to ALL your students.

So i think the basic idea in teaching is, whatever new topic you teach, you need to bring in their prior knowledge.

Help them form new schema to cope with the new topic.

Better yet, make links from the previous topic to the new one.

It helps students greatly.

Another thing i find useful is contextualising whatever you're teaching.

Contextualising meaning, help students understand through examples that are localised or familiar.

And most of all, i think as teachers, we need to be performers as well.

Creative performers.

And no im not talking about being a clown.

But you need to be creative in your classes.

How you choose to present the topic to your class greatly determines how much input is going to be received by your students.

And one more thing...


Lesson Planning is KEY!

But whatever you prepare does not mean it HAS to be carried out.

You must be able to adapt to certain changes that occur within class time.

Sometimes you might just lose that essence if you follow your lesson plan rigidly.

These are just my 2 cents.

Feel free to comment.

And my B*ENL peeps that are lecturing: SWAP notes laaaa!

I need Language Resources!