Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy busy busy!

It has been a VERY packed week despite the short week that we were bestowed with last week.

I celebrated my 25th birthday last week!

Had to prepare for assignments, left, right and centre.

I now know why S*hereen was so busy when she was in N*IE.

There was a poetry package to design (some tweaks made after the consultation with the tutor)

Preparing for tutorials.

The ed. psych assignment due today *which took me AGES to complete*

And preparing for my comm. skills oral presentation today

Not only that, F*iction55 also had to be completed.


That was a pretty long list.

A lot of my classmates were absent today and even the tutor in one of the classes let us off early because we all looked so dead tired.

Hahaahaa, we probably looked like dead chickens.

But of course the highlight of last weekend (besides completing my 2500 word essay in record time) was my date!

Yes i had a D.A.T.E!

I had a date with mr. a*yie =)

so lomantic hahaha.

i had oodles of fun.

well lets just say he's special to me.


I spent a total of 12.5 hours with him yesterday.

Imagine that.

We went on the luge twice!

*glad to report that i did not have to embarass myself by wearing the helmet the other way around hehe *

We went to the 4D theatre.

We tried to catch the sunset over at the s*outhern most tip of the asian continent
(sadly the clouds covered up the glowing fiery ball dipping into the ocean)

and finally we caught the cable car back to the mainland

*i am seriously gg to fall in love if he keeps this up*


as of now, i am totally, completely, overwhelmingly...