Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Remember a while back (probably a year ago) i wrote an entry on tonsilitis?

The one where i described my voice akin to "hot potato voice"?

Well its BACK!.

In fact, it has made its appearance yet I couldnt feel anything.

Apparently, according to the Doc, my body has grown accustomed to it and will manifest itself without the normal symptoms.

So missing were the fever and the maddening pain at the back of my throat.

Doc said that it has come to the point that white spots had already appeared on my tonsils (i.e. pus!)

I really thought i just had a bad cough that was going on for way too long.

Had i known, i would have not gone to school this mrng and taken a full day's worth of MC.

Lucky im a civil servant.


That's probably the only silver lining lah.


Last night my dad launched an enquiry about my D*arkKnight (DK).

The moment i stepped into the car, he said i smelled of motor oil.


I guess he must have seen DK the night he sent me home after our date =D

Normal questions were asked like:

What's his name?

What's his dad's name?

where does he live? how many siblings does he have? is he the eldest? javanese/boyanese? where is he working? how long has he worked?

and finally...

are you guys serious?

All i could say was:

We're still getting to know each other.


p/s: i miss you!