Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Planning a holiday is fun.

But it is never easy.

We have to consider people's tastes and preferences and we have to come to a compromise somewhere.

But above all...

I REALLY wanna travel with all of you!

*especially before we embark on the treacherous p*racticum that looms before us*

back on track:

our plans were initially to go to KL.

then it suddenly changed course to Bali.

then somehow, because of some availability of flights issue, it got changed to Redang instead.

After enquiring about Redang, we thought it was a LITTLE too pricey for a short getaway.

So somehow or rather....

it got changed BACK to the original plan of KL/Genting.


And i have somehow become the unofficial planner for this trip of ours.

I pray that we cm to some kind of resolution soon.


*i am really missing someone. i thought i would be okay. but i definitely thought wrong. oh i am just sooooo majorly screwed.*