Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee.


I am now officially a quarter of a century old.


I enjoyed some pre-birthday celebrations yesterday.
And a little bit of drama on the side, as well as a reallly nice birthday wish at the stroke of midnight *smiles*
My N*IE classmates went the extra mile to go get me a birthday cake and pressies!

All presented to me in Literature class.

My favourite class =)


*although it was kind of a non-surprise* - thats another story for another day hehee.
I got a D*orothy P*erkins wide, double buckled belt AND a F21 voucher! =)

You guys are really the BEST!

I can't believe some of you actually remembered that i've been searching for that for a while!
So yday some drama unfolded as well.
I got a lift from C*ecilia my classmate to Toa Payoh and took the train back home from there.
When i arrived at Y*ishun i realised my wristlet that contained my e.z. link, matriculation card, AND i/C were all MISSINGGGG.
Quickly made a report at the service counter *thankfully a*zura was there, THANK YOU BABE!*
And by the time i reached my front door, the service staff called me and told me that my wristlet had been returned! *thank God!*

This is the 2nd scare i've had with that wristlet.

So i came home, put down my stuff and left for t*oa p*ayoh.

Thanks to my aunt, i managed to get a lift all the way there and all the way back.

By the time i arrived home, it was 10pm.

An awfully LOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG day for me.

And then tried to switch on my laptop to T*witter when i realised that something had gone wrong with my laptop.


So i ended up not doing any schoolwork.

I just proceeded to pick up a book to do some light reading.

I had fallen asleep at ard 11.30pm and got a really nice phone call

*from a very nice guy =)*

who even sang me a birthday song.

Thank you A! *grins*

-i can't wait for sunday!-


note to self: complete your essay if you want to go out on Sundaaaayy!!!!