Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Day I WE Got Pranked

Dear all,

Received some news late yesterday. One of my colleagues has fallen sick and has been hospitalised so they are pulling me out of Q*CR520 [your Lit course, in case you didn’t know] and redeploying me to do his course effective next week. It appears that I am the only one they can find with the school experience needed to do the course. Mr T*ang (who is doing the other QCR520 class) or Mr A*ngus W*hitehead (who also has experience doing Q*CR520) will probably take your class. I find this ironic since we were just talking about Mr A*lex at lunch yesterday. Anyway, it comes at a good juncture as we close the Poetry section [I will still assess this component] and the Prose section begins next week. I am sure I will be able to find excuses to come into your class or meet up with you guys for lunch or bubble tea (if I get invited). The decision is pending depending on the diagnosis of my colleague’s condition and should be confirmed by this Friday. I will be meeting my Department Head later this afternoon after my presentation and will update you at tomorrow’s lesson.

Until then,


This man, my Lit tutor, Mr. D*ennis Y*eo is like a freakin' genius lah when it comes to pranks.

*Belum sempat orang lain nak prank, dier dah prank orang lain via email....>___< ...kentut tul*

He practically fooled almost ALL of us.

I had classmates who were so upset and those that even replied "its okay... your colleague will get well soon, we'll see you around sometime"


Another one was soooo mad and riled up that she replied in the email:

ok wait wait WAIT! this had better be an APRIL FOOL'S JOKE because i'm THIS CLOSE to banging down the department head's door and yell at his face. SERIOUSLY. i will petition, picket, WHATEVER it takes if they really really remove you from this course!!!

And when he made an appearance at the canteen today, my classmate went up to him and said, "You evil maaan!"

It was hilarious! He is soooo going to get an earful when we come to class tomorrow.

See how much we L.O.V.E our tutor? Its amazing the amount of L.O.V.E that we all have for one another hehehe.

I seriously L.O.V.E school.

I L.O.V.E my classmates
I think im falling in L.O.V.E.

Still flying...still floating =)