Monday, January 04, 2010

Back to School.

Like many school-going children going back to schools today, teachers also had to go back to school to facilitate.

And like the P1's, Sec 1's and J1's, it was my first day at school too.

I had been made a co-form teacher to a secondary two express class in my new school and i would be working closely with a more experienced teacher.

She just so happens to be a school mate of mine from JC and i am very fortunate to get her as my mentor!

For the first day, the normal duties would include the collection of report books and checking of uniform.

Alhamdullillah, the students are well-behaved (thus far!) and I hope that they'll learn to trust me and open up a little to me.

I start lessons proper on Wednesday, and as a teacher teaching only the lower secondary, this means that i'll only be preparing lessons for the secondary two normal technical students!
(sec ones still having orientation programs the rest of the week).

I had a really long day today.

Left the house at 6.35am, reached school at 7.05am, and left school only at 5.45pm.

Almost 12 hours in school.

Not fun.

All in the package i guess.

I have a whole slew of meetings this coming week.

Busy, busy, busy.



Fortunate that i have a job that pays well and gives me some satisfaction.

Its still early days but insyaAllah with some hard work and perseverance i'll be able to love the job even more.

It is no joke to be God's vicegerent.

Not an easy burden to bear.

But insyaAllah.


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