Sunday, January 03, 2010

The First 3 Days of the New Year.

What the hell did I do?

1st Jan, stayed home to sleep off the exhaustion, and did housework.

2nd Jan, met up with the Samirians for Changi Village dinner and ride.

Rode from CHANGI to Kranji Dam.

Then from Kranji, rode to the CCK cemetery.

Not funny lah.

The girls were pretty helpless, cos we were pillion riders only.

Sali and Bek sat it out.

Which left me, Lisa and Atiqah.

Luckily (or not) we went to only the Chinese cemetery.

And of course, on our way home i had the eeriest encounter.

My first.

But alhamdullillah nothing really that serious.

I wanna thank my DK for easing and calming my fears and sat with me for a while at the void deck.

But i have to say, the cemetery was calm and silent and actually looked pretty (in a photographer/poet) point of view.

It was melancholic at some point. Especially with the moonlight washing over the tombstones.

Somehow or rather, i was INSPIRED to write a poem on the back of DK's bike while we rode through the cemetery.


Stupid or crazy, you judge.

Then today, the couples decided to go to the N*ational M*useum to check out the Egyptian exhibit.

Personally, i wasn't really blown away.

Mainly cos it was a small collection from the V*iennese M*useum with only about 230 odd artefacts on display.

And for someone who was a huge Egyptology buff, i guess i wasn't as impressed.

The part that really got me excited was the activities they stationed outside the gallery.
The little math quizzes, the games Egyptians used to play and their writing systems.

They provided papers and crayons for pple to do rubbing over some raised images and some rubber stamps in hieroglyphics.

I kept it and i'm going to put it on my teacher's desk hehe.

First day of school tomorrow.

With a staff meeting at 2.45pm till 5.30pm.

I seriously believe what D*ennis said:

We go to work before the sun rises and reach home when the sun sets.


Will post up an entry soon when i have the time!


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