Monday, January 18, 2010

Week Three
I am still trying to get used to waking up at 5.20am.
Yes, i think its a totally ABSURD time to be up.
I have to DRAG myself out of bed and get my arse into the shower.
Mondays are ESPECIALLY bad.
*super monday blues lah today*
Anyway, I think i OVERenjoyed over the weekend, thus causing my current Monday Blues symptoms.
Went bowling at NSRCC. The girls were bowling FANTASTICALLY.
I scored a strike TWICE!
S*ali got a turkey.
Lisa was bowling like wonderwoman.
Mimi was bowling better than average.
I was so ecstatic.
The girls were so ecstatic.
But going home was a chore cos it was so far.
But DK made it better in the end =)
He always makes it better
Yesterday i hung out with just the girls and did some shopping at I*kea.
Thankfully I had the car.
Spent quite a while at I*kea and just got silly.
And drove to S*impang B*edok for some chicken fajitas at spize.
By the time i got home i was too tired but i still had to do my lesson planning.
I still need to come up with a FANTASTIC lesson for SVA (concord) and set a comprehension paper.
Working really hard.
Then by the time wednesday rolls around i'll have my convocation!
That means i have to be in school only till 10.35am!
Then i'll get to meet my Wi*wiiiinnnnnn!
I miss her.
and Mr. Fuddles and Keiko and Yvette and the whole GANG!
The misfits graduate.
Lets see what happens then.
sorry for the randomness.

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