Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Long Week It Has Been...

Everything was normal until tuesday.

Tuesday at about 5pm to be exact.

I got a big shock.

DK's brother was involved in a very bad traffic accident.

DK was breaking down over the phone.

I couldn't be there.

I couldn't concentrate.

Let's just say the past week was a big BLUR of events.

I feel like my investiture was overshadowed by this bigger piece of news.

After the investiture on Wednesday, i rushed to the hospital to visit his DK and his family.

Everyone was in bad shape.

The mom, the dad, and his younger sister.

All distraught.

When i went into the SICU, i almost broke down and cried.

It is completely heart-wrenching to see anyone hooked up to so many tubes and lying there unconcious.

It is very hard for anyone to go inside the ICU and not feel pained.

And i'm not even related.

So i spent most of last week commuting from CGH and home/school everyday since Wednesday.
Although he may not be related to me, it still affects cos I hate seeing DK to distraught.

I kept waking up on Tuesday night waiting for a phone call/msg from him hoping to hear some good news.

The next day when i couldn't get through, i msged his mom, and alhamdullillah, by the grace of God Almighty, he pulled through the night and through his operation.

I've been hearing nothing but great progress and i hope S*aiful will continue to make great improvements in his recovery.

His heart is no longer on medication and he's back to pumping and replenishing all his lost blood.

He's also off the dialysis (cos previously his kidney failed to filter out the potassium in his body).

He has opened his eyes and tried to push out the tubes from his mouth.
(he's just as stubborn as his big bro =))

I'm glad that he's doing ok and i hope that his recovery will help to strengthen his family too!
Amiin InsyaAllah.


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