Thursday, January 07, 2010

Day 4: Mind-Boggling!

Spent 12hours in school today.


4 of my boys got caught for smoking this morning.

in UNIFORM no less.

And the punishment?

Caning lah.


Why they insist on smoking before coming to school in their school uniform is simply, befuddling.

But the bright side is, the rest of the class is AMAZING.

The boys especially were receptive, listened to instructions and carried out all my requests.

And i can't help but to have favourites already.

S*yah, A*marool and L*enny.

L*enny is so CUTE! Round and chubby and used to be from w*oodlands primary.

When i asked him who used to teach him and rattled a few names (one of them being my mother)...

He shuddered and said, "ooohhh that one fierce teacher."

I asked which one?

"Mdm S" (who is my mom)

I wanted to ROFL. Literally.

If only the sweet kid knew.

*Evil laughter*


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