Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Class, today's lesson is...
6th of January marks my first day stepping into the class.
No easy task ok.
I still get nervous before I enter my class.
Anxiety washes over me, and i beads of perspiration start forming on my back and neck.
(thankfully, places that aren't visible to the students)
Today, i entered my normal technical class.
My sec. two normal tech. class.
One of them i remember from last year when I relieved his class (retainee).
My class is manageable (for now).
The form teacher to that class had already warned me:
"Please arh, don't smile at them for the first three weeks of school"
And it works wonders.
I only have this FEARLESS boy who just wants to TALK and TALK and TALK..........
Very annoying.
I punished him for talking. Made him stand at the naughty corner.
Yes people, naughty corner's still exist in secondary school.
When i run out of corners, i put them on the naughty corridor.
*i've made this TALKATIVE student my assistant.*
2010, is shaping up to be a challenging year for me.
I am really looking forward to facing this uphill task of educating my charges.
Here's a parting word from me the new beginning teacher (BT):
Teaching as a newbie is like going for a buffet; you go in the restaurant and start piling things on the plate and soon, you feel like you're overwhelmed.
Wise words?

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