Friday, May 02, 2008

Not!Stressed out

The Blushing Bride (Fadhiilah; The Duchess)
and the Dashing Groom (Ustz Khidir)

This picture would have looked spectacular had Ekhsan zoomed in!
But even so, good picture composition!

This would also have been a gd shot if MY hands were more steady!

The ethereal Duchess...

This picture of US and the bride looks AWESOME!

Nice colours! I loooooovvveeedd Hasanah's tudung kaler!

I seriously think we make a cute couple!

I wish i knew how to keep my head straight when taking a photo!

Notice that there were mostly just pics of girls? Hahaha...

It didn't even occur to me till I uploaded them to my Facebook account.

One more wedding in June!

Hasanaaaaahhhh i can't believe you're tying the knot already!

I will TRY to be @ your wedding.

I want to upload all the pics i took on sunday but Blogger is not cooperating as yet.

Stay tuned pple!