Friday, May 16, 2008

On Being "Blah!"


Yes, thanks for reading even though its been so boring and bland.

But i really appreciate the: "How come you've stopped writing?"

And the "Any new entries?"

Thank you for the concern...hehehe...

I'm touched that pple still read my blog!

Thank You!

And all you CLOSET readers, come out and tell me WHO you are!

I'm tired of thinking I'm writing all this for no-one!

Now back to the intended post.

I know since I've graduated as an English Lit grad I should be picking up more noteworthy and "literature-ish" type books.

But I've picked up MORE chick lit since then.

I know I'm being such a bad example.

But after having so much Literature shoved down my throat for the past 13+ years, the only thing I want to pick out from the library shelves has been trashy chick lit.

Ok..maybe not so trashy but more commercial chick lit.

I mean there's nothing wrong in that, but i REALLY pride myself on being a well read person.

But there has been a silver lining within all that chick lit.

I actually picked up a really good book frm the POPULAR bookstore about 2 months back.

It really began as a love affair with the movie that I watched with my Encik Farhan.

*Thanks for accompanying me to watch the movie!*

You guessed it, it was "The KiteRunner".

I remember reviewing the movie on my blog sometime back.

But anyway, that was a movie review.

Now, i think Khasanah, more than anyone else knows how much i love asian lit.

More accurately;


Point in case, Jhumpa Lahiri, Amy Tan, etc, etc...

And my latest find....

Khaled Hosseini!

I've read the book twice.

Both in like very literature type mode.

Yes, I'm anal like that.

Reading it to gain a different perspective.

I loved it.

That's the thing with books.

You can read it AGAIN and AGAIN and you'll always gain a different perspective of the novel.

It was poignant, moving and heart-wrenching.

And the book wasnt written about Amir at all.

It was totally about Hassan.

Yes i only got it after the second read.

So girls, wanna go out and discuss books?


And I was looking through Khasanah's Shelfari and I saw "The Road To Mecca".

I was sooo intrigued that I placed a reservation on the NLB website.

And then I was hooked into reserving Jhumpa Lahiri's "Unaccustomed Earth".

Her 2008 offering after her highly successful "The Namesake".

See, when the bug bites.

It doesn't stop biting.

Hahaha...okay that was corny.

Now I'm thinking, should i BUY "A Thousand Splendid Suns"???