Monday, May 12, 2008

Lets Go-Karting! (Part 1)

The best part about being in a small company thats laid-back SANS my anal retentive sales manager,

is that we get to do FUN stuff!

And also cos we have a really generous boss, he foots the bill!

So thanks Mr. L*eow J*uLen!

Today, i got to meet D*awn Y*ang.

Yes, THAT D*awn Y*ang.

So wat did we all do exactly?

We ALL went karting in JB today!

The WHOLE company except the Old Fart.

Kewl right?

Kha, i hope one day you will get this opportunity to go karting with the company some time!

Yes, it was like a mini company retreat.

I tell you it was SUPER gerek to the max lah!

It felt like an extra weekend altogether! :D

I'm going to miss the people i work with for the past 5 months!

Pics up soon k?

And i WILL elaborate more!

Finally, something REALLLLY worth blogging about!