Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Counting Down The Days...

Its my last week at work here...


And i honestly don't know how i feel.

Well one thing's for sure.

I am so happy to be rid of LL my sales manager.

*all smiles*

Hahaha...happy taking over my post Kha! feeling mysteriously light and carefree.

'Cos my holiday is just around the corner!


I loved being here.

*Kha has already kind of taken over the workspace and doing most of the job anyway...hence the past tense*

The atmosphere was not so stressed.

Sans the amount of nonsense that i had to tolerate from LL. Hah.

The guys here have been really great!

Yes. All the people in my office are Chinese guys.

Hence the non-issue of office politics.

They are gerek-nak-mampos people here.

Even our new addition, Jonas.

Whom we both affectionately call Adik Nas.

*member dari Subang...haha...*

But coming to work this whole week has been great!

Cos i have a friend to share everything with.

We share the same workspace (for now)

And we've been giggling while i TRIED to teach her the ropes.

So thanks for making it a worthwhile week!

This weekend...Making The Video: Darwis.

Just a little tribute to him for his farewell cos we won't be able to make it there for his.

Anyway, a little shout-out to a new friend made over the net (via Suli)

Liyah! Happy Belated Birthday!