Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City

It was more like: No, Singaporeans are prudish about sex, thus we will cut out the sex scenes.

And true to form, i saw some letters about the movie in the Forum page of T*he S*traits T*imes.

My take on the scene cuts:

I was really unhappy.

*no im not a voyeur or porno freak*

I just felt that the movie was disjointed because of the cuts.

There was no reason that the movie had to be rated at M18

If it had to be R21 so be it.

Personally, I HATE CENSORS!

They cut out the parts and give the movie this "cut & paste" feeling.

I do not want to feel this way when I pay perfectly good money (movie tix now very expensive also you know!) to watch a movie.

Besides the fact that the movie was cut at certain places, i felt that the direction of the movie was also good.

*All hail Michael Patrick King*

The flow of the movie was great, there were collective gasps and i truly felt that the audience were completely enthralled by Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

Though i missed the first 10 mins of the show, i'm glad that i followed the series because this movie is like an extension of the tv series.

The on-screen chemistry between the four girls was undeniable.

I was tickled pink and i shed a tear at the end.

But most of all, I loved the way that the central theme of the movie revolved around relationships and more accurately, friendships.

If i were ever in a jam, I'd definitely turn to all my girlfriends for support.

I'm glad i have the same support system that Carrie had when she got jilted.

For all hard-core Sex and the City fans, this movie is not to be missed!

I've finally found my fix and closure for this show.

$10 for a 2hr 25min movie?

Worth it i say.

Sans the cut parts that is.

And what girl doesn't get a kick from seeing a walk-in wadrobe the size of a master bedroom?

I rate it a 4 out of 5.

Watch it before it ends its run!