Sunday, May 25, 2008

So Much For Losing The Voice on Friday.

Yes pple...prior to my last minute "jom-lets-go-karaoke" by najib i had lost my voice on friday.


I was croaking.

*hmmm....probably one of the reasons why it rained huh?*

Oh yeah.

And i played hooky from work on Friday.

Which meant that i worked a total of only 3 days this week!

Haha. But after all the merry making i had...i still felt that the weekend was a tad too short.

Yes... now back to the intended post.

I had intended to spend the WHOLE afternoon (or whole day) at home.

There were NO prior plans watsoever.

I was already plonked on my bed watching Season 4 of SEX & THE CITY courtesy of Justin my colleague.

Then around 2.15pm, I received an sms from my darling Suli.

It an invitation to join her, Shasha and Aisyah Spec at Far East.

Mind you it was a sweltering HOT day.

Even though I had a late shower that day, i was already perspiring buckets.

I was still undecided at about 2.30pm

But then i was like "Ahhh...Wat the Heck....I'm going out!"

I was getting pretty restless at home anyway.

tried to get ready as fast as i could.

Was out the door by 3.30pm.

That was really fast by MY standards.

-the fabulous 5-

Reached my destination and saw Seri!

I was so happy to see her and the girls! (The more the merrier i say)

*get well soon babe!*

But she had to leave soon after to go and get ready to go to Gentarasa 2008.

-tgk mereke berdua di background-

We were then soon joined by Najib.

*mmg tak plan langsung!*

Had lunch at Cahaya and decided to go Karaoke!!!!
My second time Karaoke-ing at Cash Studio.

The first being with my AISS girls.

It was WAYYYY different!

That's cos we sang
a lot of English songs.

This time we sang a lot of MALAY songs!

-Najib tgh feeling sampai naik atas kerusi menyanyi-

*Mary nyanyi lagu melayu???!!!!*

Of course i still sang my english ballads...and i sooooo loved belting out Mariah Carey's "Forever".

-me and my chica; Suli-

-Go Sya Spec & Shasha!-

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

-Left with just the 4 of us; supper-ing-