Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Not So Hectic Weekend.

Compared to last weekend, this weekend didn't make a dent.

I barely did anything.

Save for going to town to go and get KiKi fixed.

I miss my phone terribly!

I want her back and to cradle her lovingly in my arms.

Okay-okay...i'm sounding a bit like a crazy woman.

Anyways...i really wanted to blog about my last weekend but i kind of got sidetracked by the fact that i went go-karting.

So it totally eliminated the joy factor.


Last weekend i tried to rally my girlfriends for an enjoyable day out.

Which only resulted in seeing the same faces again and again.

Not! That i'm not happy to see you girls but really, we're turning into this pathetic group of 5 where Hafiz is starting to get cranky about the fact that he's the ONLY guy around.

So PLEASE you other girls, try and make it the next time round okay?

So what did we do besides cracking up with laughter every 5mins?

Just a simple lunch and a game of bowling

Which i might add im pretty bad at.

I can play all other forms of sport save for bowling.

I played quite well in the first game.

But failed miserably in the second one.

Where all 3 frames went down the drain.


We only met for the afternoon and parted ways around 4.30pm-5pm.

And mind you, we didn't even leave Yishun!

We bowled at SAFRA Yishun...sad right?

I think its just age catching up with us *Yikes!*

But i realised i wasn't done with my day yet.

Instead of staying home alone (yes the parental units weren't at home either),

I decided to join them wherever they were.

So i went down to toa payoh to meet them at the pool.

And yes! They decided to lengthen their sojourn , my little brother in tow of course,

Plus my uncle's family to Arab Street for dinner.

We ended up having a great big dinner at AlaTurka for some authentic Turkish fare.

Yes I am definitely raving about this place.
Its got the freshest salads.

The best oven toasted bread.
And tasty moussakka.
The kebabs weren't bad either!

And for 10 hungry people, we pretty much scarfed down all that food in a jiffy.
The hummous was DELISH!

The pricing was reasonable too!
And service was TOP NOTCH!

Yes i am totally won over by the hospitality and how fast our food was served.

I would definitely go again (hopefully with the bf one day).

Can i just say how much i've missed middle eastern food?

*And TEH AIS!*

I so miss teh ais for sure.

The closest that i've gotten to M'sian tasting teh ais was at Bilal Restaurant over at Sembawang Rd.

*Okay ter-sidetrack again.*

Anyway...I am UBER excited about my trip to Bali!


Okay then...

More updates soon!


*MY blogging mojo's finally BACK!*